• Eyes


    Xổ số Trực tiếp Đồng NaiPeople suffer from corneal blindness and await transplant

  • Liver


    Indians need a liver transplant every year

  • Heart


    Xổ số Trực tiếp Đồng NaiIndians die every year waiting for a heart

  • Kidney


    Xổ số Trực tiếp Đồng NaiPeople await a kidney transplant but only 10,000 get one

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Why Organ Donation

Xổ số Trực tiếp Đồng NaiEvery year, 5 lakh Indians lose their lives waiting for organs. That’s a life lost every minute! Last year, only 800 plus Cadaveric donations (from a deceased donor) took place in our country which represents an organ donate rate of 0.8 person per million individuals. As a comparison, while we are at a fraction of 1%, western nations like the Spain have crossed the 40 per million marks. The size of the task that lies ahead for us has grown significantly. The need-gap of organs and recipients too, is increasing by the hour. And if we do nothing, we leave the fate of these individuals and that of the future generation to come, hanging in the dark. In 2016, Fortis healthcare decided to take up the cause of creating awareness around the loss of lives that happen for the want of organs.

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